Chai Tea Lattes

So I have a bit of an obsession with all things Starbucks and Panera, but my wallet tends to not be as excited as I am about such things. Since my main addiction at starbucks is chai tea lattes, I bought myself a milk frother (with a coupon, of course, thank you Bed Bath & Beyond). I was hanging out with one of my girls today, and we decided to put the frother to good use.

2 chai tea bags (tea of choice)
A couple cups of milk (depending on how many cups you are making)
A couple tablespoons of some sugary thing (we used actual sugar - gasp! But I think honey or agave would dissolve more easily).
Tea pot. Or just a pot
A ladle, or big spoon

1. Boil about 6 cups of water, and then pop the tea bags right into the water.

2. While the tea was steeping (love that word, sounds fancy) I warmed the milk - put milk in the mug you'll be drinking from (fill it 1/4-1/3 full). Microwave it for a minute or two (depending on how many mugs you are putting in).

3. Then, when the tea is all tea-like, pop in however much sweetness you'd like, and stir to dissolve. After this is my favorite part - the milk frothing!! Stick the little frothing wand into the hot milk and turn it on and it makes the milk foamy. You can skip the microwave part by just buying a steaming wand, but that was about $50 more than the frother. After the milk is to your proper foamy-ness, scoop/pour tea into the milk mug until the mug is to your preferred level of fullness.

4. Give it a sec to cool and enjoy! I know I did.