Marinara Sauce (pre-move to Italy)

My mom gave me a bunch of produce from their organic farm pick up, including 3 big juicy tomatoes. I had 1/4 of an onion left from something a couple days ago that needed to be used, and I had already gotten my food chopper garlic-y from making mashed potatoes earlier (also with organic produce!) sooo it made sense to make some marinara sauce to go with the zucchini and eggplant fries I was trying out. Plus I had about 1/2 cup of pink moscato wine that I needed to do something with :)

3 big juicy organic tomatoes (chopped up)
1/4 of an onion, chopped
1 clove of garlic, chopped
Good measure of olive oil (I was aiming for 6 tablespoons...)
1/2 cup (ish) of pink moscato wine
12 oz can of tomato paste
A handheld immersion blender (EXCELLENT registry purchase) if you don't have this then chop up all the stuff super small and/or be prepared to pour hot liquid in a blender. If you had a food processor feel free to process the onions, garlic, and tomatoes before cooking

Plopped the tomatoes into a pot and turned it up pretty high while I was chopping the onion and garlic (which I also plopped in as I chopped)

I cooked all that stuff down (salting it along the way) until it was liquidy and boiling, then I dumped the wine in. (Give it a solid stir)

After the wine cooked in a bit, I glugged in some olive oil, gave it another solid stir
Then I threw in salt, pepper, basil, oregano, and parsley (mostly based on smell, later used the taste test)
Make sure the whole thing is nice and combined and stirred around

Once all that cooked together and boiled for a bit, I grabbed my immersion hand blender and just stuck it right in the pot to blend things up. (If your kitchen is set up like mine that means there isn't an outlet near the stove for your blender so you might have to put your pot on a trivet next to a socket for the blending portion of things).

After blending it went back on the stove and I added the tomato paste (1/2 the can at a time, mostly to check the consistency)

Here is where you want to stir while wearing an apron and hopefully not a white shirt. I didn't do this and got a beautiful little red dot in the middle of my nice white shirt (smart).

Once the tomato paste was properly mixed in and the red mess was bubbling and sputtering I decided it was done. Tossed it in a oven to table casserole dish and brought it to my moms for her birthday dinner. The sauce + the veggie fries went over quite well :)