Pinpoint-Sized Life Moments

The other day Ben had an appointment with his pediatrician across town. On my way there, I was pretty focused on my own little pinpoint-sized life moment - rushing from the metro to the doctor's office, weaving the stroller between people and vespas parked on the sidewalk. As I was hurrying to get to the crosswalk while the walk light was still green, I saw three older women moseying down the street, arm-in-arm, with their canes and hands so tangled up I almost couldn't tell whose was whose. Every time one of them said something they all laughed so hard that their already-leisurely pace halted as their aging bodies doubled over in unabashed laughter.

As I looked on, I couldn’t help but smile and I noticed that everyone else on the sidewalk was either smiling along with the joyful ladies, or was trying hurriedly to get around them, oblivious to the pure happiness they were sidestepping. 

It was a beautiful snapshot of a pinpoint-sized moment in the lives of other people that I was able to witness in the midst of my own rush. It felt poignant - in that moment I could either be someone who was oblivious or even annoyed by the joy that was blocking my path, or I could just smile at it. I’m glad I chose the latter, because too often I allow my life to be consumed by stress and busyness and anxiety and to-do lists instead of just stopping to enjoy the wonderful blessings God has given me (and there are many).

After Ben’s appointment, in an effort to embrace the joys of life rather than be consumed by stress, Ben and I stopped to get gelato and macaroons. Some other wonderful blessings God has given us in life ;)

Seeing those women also made me reflect, thinking about friends and sisters with whom I was a giggling teenage girl. Even though we don't currently live in the same place I hope that one day we'll be able to be old together, stumble-laughing down the street supporting each other with canes and memories.