Fruit Purée Popsicles

I am on a trying-not-to-consume-high-fructose-corn-syrup kick, but either husband or I always seem to have trouble saying no to both fruity candy and ice cream. So, I decided to combine the coldness of ice cream and the fruitiness of candy and make popsicles. I had already purchased these lovely popsicle makers from BB&B (again, yay for coupons) complete with straws for slurping melting
popsicle juice. Since I am trying to experiment with healthier eating, I decided to just blend up the strawberries, blueberries, and 2 peaches that I had in my fridge (all organic - thank you Mama Buchholz and trader Joe's!). It tasted pretty good all blended up, but I was worried it wouldn't be sweet enough cold, so I decided to add some canned pineapple juice - which I am generally against doing (I'd rather cut up and purée the pineapple myself). But hey, I was experimenting. I popped the whole mix in the freezer a couple days ago and tried my first one today - it was delish!! Sweeter than I thought it would be and definitely worth repeating with some actual prep (like buying a pineapple).

I used
About 3/4 pound of strawberries (aka a full layer of strawberries off the top of a 2 lb container) (I cut off the greens, and then since i already had them on a cutting board I also cut them in half to help them blend more easily)
About 1/3 lb of blueberries (I think it was about a cup?)
2 peaches (no pits, in case that wasn't obvious) - also cut these up, same reasoning as the strawberries
Probably about a cup of pineapple juice
This was approximately 4 times too much for my 8 little Popsicle holder/makers, but I just put the rest in a quart sized mason jar in the fridge and I'll keep making Popsicles until I run out of mix. I did the same with the rest of the pineapple juice... So I just need an excuse to make punch and I'll be able to use that up too. Probably toss it in with some ginger ale, and frozen fruit punch concentrate - again, because I already have both. Although that likely breaks my "no high fructose corn syrup" rule - oh well. I'm not pregnant or nursing - though I wish I was.

Later on it Italy (July 2014):
Made with 2 boxes of strawberries from the market, one pineapple (cut up to make the blending easier) and one Fuji Apple. Delicious. And making me feel more empowered and therefore less homesick.