Chili Lasagna

Looking for a way to use your super bowl leftovers?
I made a vat of chili, and we all know that chili gets better and more flavorful with time, but you can only eat a bowl of chili so many times before you want a little variety.
Since I live in Italy and had lasagne noodles and ricotta in my fridge, I decided to make chili lasagne. I'm not sure if we have these in the states, but in Italy you can buy "lasagne fresche" (freshly made, refrigerated lasagne sheets) which means you don't have to boil the lasagna noodles before putting the dish together. If you already have the sauces you need, it makes throwing together a lasagne incredibly easy. From the time I started making this lasagne to the time we began eating lunch was 30 minutes. It was glorious.

The ingredients:
Lasagne noodles
Ricotta cheese
Leftover chili
A little olive oil (for coating the bottom of the pan and for brushing the top of the lasagne)

Real Italian lasagne actually uses besciamella sauce, not ricotta, but I'll write a separate blog post for that.

1. Coat pan with oil
2. Put a layer of noodles
Put a layer of chili
Put a layer of ricotta
3. Repeat step 2 as many times as your ingredients (or pan, or stomach) will allow

I ended mine with a layer of noodle and brushed olive oil on the top, but you can top it with chili or cheese, or whatever you want.

Our fresh lasagne noodles only required 17 minutes on 350F (180C) and then the whole thing was done and ready to cut and eat!